Play with friends wherever they are! Each person is assigned a role to play within the team and you will have to work together to escape.  A fun way to spend time together while apart.

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The Navigators and the Call From Beyond!

A one to four-player co-operative online point-and-click adventure starring the voice of Peter Parker and Spider-man, Yuri Lowenthal!

You and your friends have won a tour of the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California! As you begin the tour you very quickly realize that something is wrong, can you and your friends answer the CALL FROM BEYOND!

How it works

You and your team use the built-in video chat from different locations to work together to solve the onscreen challenges.

Each player (1-4) will paste the same game key into their favourite web browser and play from there. You only need one game link for up to four players.  Wait for all players before starting.

Once the game key is entered you have 24 hours to play the game.

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