Your ship, carrying the precious Nova Seed, has been damaged by a huge asteroid storm. You must repair the ship and deliver the Nova Seed to the human colony on Khepri 5. Without the seed, the colonists will run out of oxygen and food – and all will be lost. Hurry, time’s running out!

Difficulty level: Medium (recommended for 12+ years).

Duration: 60mins

Number of players: 1-6 people.

Price: $39. This is a per game price (purchase one game/link for up to 6 players).

Note. This is a self-guided game. To play with our expert live Game Masters as your host check out our hosted games here.




Nova: Your ship has been damaged by the asteroid storm. You must repair the ship ASAP as you’re our last hope to initiate the NOVA seed. Without the seed, our colonists will run out of oxygen and food in a matter of months…

What do you need

An internet connection is required. Duration 60 minutes.

How it works

You and your team use the built-in video chat from different locations to work together to escape the onscreen escape room.

Download the code and share it with your teammates.

Each player (1-6) will paste the same game key into their favourite web browser and play from there.  You only need one game link for up to 6 players.  Wait for all players before starting.

Once the game key is entered you have 24 hours to play the game.

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