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Choose from our online remote play options below and play in the safety of your own home. With options for multi-players from different locations, self-guided or hosted with a live Game Master, it's a great way to connect and have fun with family, friends and work teams.

What people are saying: "Absolutely great game! Would highly recommend to anyone wanting to do an escape room but unable to for any reason such as geographical distance between team members. Fantastically priced for this great lockdown friendly activity!" 1 Sept 2021.

Choose from three exciting new online escape rooms or download and play our Forest Adventure game app.

The new online multi-player escape games are designed for co-operative play with built in video chat for team members in different locations.

Forest Adventure is great in home entertainment for family and friends using an app, a printed survival guide and some common house hold items.

Price: From $29 per game/team.

Our awesome hosted online games give people a break from the day-to-day, enjoying some friendly competition and connection.

With our expert Game Masters as a live host, the games are designed to reward teamwork and communication—with a focus on fun! We can host from 4 to 100+ people based anywhere in the world!

Choose from our Hosted Online Escape Rooms or our Live Video Rooms (The Bach or Galactic Cantina escape rooms).