Escapade Outdoor Adventure Games

Awesome Outdoor Adventure Games in Auckland and Rotorua!

Escapade’s awesome adventure games get you and your friends and family out and about, working together to solve exciting mysteries—and stretching your legs at the same time. You’ll love the challenge of solving our puzzles and clues, same time as learning something about local history, culture and nature!

Who can play?

These games are perfectly pitched for all levels of ability, from experienced game players to families trying it for the very first time. Often, it’s the kids or newbies who crack the puzzles first … and even Dad might solve the odd clue!

There is plenty of trickiness to test even the best, and hints within the app if you get stuck. And, among groups of friends, you might be surprised at who breaks the code—everyone’s got something to offer, everyone’s involved, and there are lots of laughs as you work through the game.

Covid19: You do not require a vaccine pass to play our adventure games.

How does it work?

With a clever app and a game kit we supply, you’ll follow the tricky trail around the streets, parks and gardens. As you solve the clues, often using an item from the game kit, you enter the answer into the app, and move on to the next puzzle on the trail.

Can I bring my work team?

Yes, it’s great for businesses looking to get away from work and connect outside! You can just get your teams and get started. Teams will love this powerful team-building event in the heart of the city.

For an added boost, expert coaches can facilitate a session on things like communication, teamwork, or self-awareness—whatever matters most to you. Read more about our Teambuilding packages here.

We can either start teams at the same time or stagger start times, then teams can race to the finish! Or maybe you are collaborative and enjoy it for the stroll outdoors helping each other along the way.

Where can I play?

We’ve got two great game locations — Auckland and Rotorua.

Auckland Central: Start at Escapade next to Albert Park.
Rotorua Gardens: Starting from the Fenton St iSite.