Hosted online escape Games

How it works

  • Using Zoom, our Game Masters will host your team and ensure everyone has an awesome experience.
  • Your people will work together in groups of up to 6 people, racing against the clock and the other teams.
  • Our games are designed for co-operative play, as well as seeing and talking via Zoom, each player can see their teammates’ cursers in their game.
  • For 4 to 200+ people, based anywhere in the world!
  • Each participant just needs a good Wi-Fi connection and a laptop or desktop computer of their own. It can also be played on an IPAD or tablet, but we recommend at least a 10 inch screen size.

Three exciting games to choose from!

Choose from the newly released ‘Nova’ or ‘The Rise of the Mad Pharaoh’ or ‘The Navigators and the Call from Beyond’—and book now.

Players: 4-200+ people