It’s that time of year when it starts cooling off, and people turn their attention away from the beaches and onto the city’s winter fun. The perfect time for Escapade to launch our revamped city Lounge Bar! It’s not just a lick of paint and some new props—we’ve also got a crafty new partner …

We’re stoked to welcome the Sawmill Brewery (based up the line in Matakana). Now we’ve got some quality craft beer to sit alongside the staples! Of course, winter’s the traditional time for red wine, and some people just can get enough Sav. So we’ve got everyone covered.

And we never forget the drivers and other people not partaking. Plenty of non-alcoholic refreshments to be found ‘round here, along with some extra puzzles if you want to test your mind as you whet your whistle!

The Escapade Lounge Bar has a relaxed atmosphere – an industrial/ retro feel with some of our own quirkiness thrown in. You can either gear up for our awesome live escape games or debrief and have some laughs once you’ve escaped. Either way, you’ll enjoy the company of our friendly staff—and the comfort of our retro fittings.

The Lounge Bar is also the ideal place for corporate teams looking to bond and unwind out of work. We often have groups of 50 people playing games and finishing up with some drinks and food. Our catering partners can deliver piping hot feasts for the end of your games, so everyone can fuel up after the fun!

We might be biased, but we reckon Escapade’s Lounge Bar is one of the best places to spend a couple of hours this winter. There’s nothing like bragging about your escape game performance over a few drinks with your mates!

The bar’s well stocked, the staff are ready—all we need is you … head on down and we’ll take care of the rest!