How A Locked Room Will Benefit Your Family

Everyone with kids understands the term ‘stir crazy’. It’s that feeling that hits a couple of days into the school holidays! It’s hard to find that family activity that engages everyone, avoids the inevitable school holiday rain—and keeps a range of ages, moods and characters happy. Sound familiar? Funnily enough, the answer is to get locked in a room together! Family bonding activities always sound fun, but we all know the reality can sometimes be a bit more challenging. Finding something that keeps the little ones happy but doesn’t drive the older kids (or parents!) crazy isn’t easy. That’s where escape games are a great way to get the family communication back on track!

Family problem solving fun

The puzzles are designed to test different types of problem solving. There’s logic, lateral thinking, observation and dexterity required in equal measure. Often, it’s the kids that crack the toughest clues! Escapade’s live escape games are an activity for your family that demands great teamwork and communication. We’ve seen grumpy teens and pre-teens come to life in an escape room! Those sullen grunts become excited yells as they crack a clue. Likewise, the younger ones love being part of a team all pulling in the same direction with some fun problem solving and communication. And they really love showing up their parents with their nifty thinking!

Boosting family communication

For adults, it’s a chance to see your kids stretch their minds and push their problem solving to the limit. You also get to see your kids working together, instead of fighting! And there’s a quiet lounge bar with some extra puzzles if you want a family de-brief … and relax after the excitement and fun of your family game. Family bonding these holidays We love seeing families laughing and bonding as they rush to escape. It’s awesome family fun that gets you all out and active. A fresh new school holiday activity that everyone can enjoy together. It’s the ultimate in family bonding! So lock yourself in a room these school holidays!