Hosted online escape Games - teambuilding

Our online escape rooms are available as a hosted experience with our friendly expert Game Masters! Available for between 4 and 200+ people they are great for family and friends to connect online and the perfect teambuilding experience for work teams working remotely.

Choose from our live video rooms or our online games. Here's what our clients are saying:

"Our team loved Escapade's online game! With remote teams it's so cool to find a genuinely fun and engaging way to bring people together for a whole lot of laughs and bonding. Highly recommend!“ Toby Littin, CEO, Parkable. Sept 2021.

Hosted Online Escape Games

Online escape room

For Small & Large Teams: Our multi-player fully interactive online games are designed to reward teamwork and communication—with a focus on fun! As well as seeing and hearing, each player can see their teammates’ cursers in their game. Great for small teams or large teams wanting to compete against each other. Choose from the newly released 'Nova' game or 'Rise of the Mad Pharaoh' and 'The Navigators and the Call from Beyond.'

Players 4-200+ people

Live video escape rooms

HP 14 Puzzle Shed

For Small Teams Only: Play our No. 1 rated escape rooms remotely!  It's an engaging online escape room experience, that tests your mind and communication skills as you and your team control our Game Master remotely. Connect & play with friends, family or colleagues. Great for small teams. Choose from The Bach and Galactic Cantina Escape Rooms.

Not available during some Covid settings.

Players: 4-6 people

Hosted online escape Games

Our games are designed to reward teamwork and communication—with a focus on fun!

"We had a fantastic time playing the new online escape rooms - the Escapade crew really took care of the whole session and ensured everything went smoothly. Puzzles were challenging and the digital medium made it a unique experience. Loads of fun, we’ve already started putting a couple of teams together for the next game." David, Watermark Creative, Sept 2021.

How it works

  • Using Zoom, our Game Masters will host your team and ensure everyone has an awesome experience.
  • Your people will work together in groups of up to 6 people, racing against the clock and the other teams.
  • Our games are designed for co-operative play, as well as seeing and talking via Zoom, each player can see their teammates’ cursers in their game.
  • For 4 to 200+ people, based anywhere in the world!
  • Each participant just needs a good Wi-Fi connection and a laptop or desktop computer of their own. It can also be played on an IPAD or tablet, but we recommend at least a 10 inch screen size.

Three exciting games to choose from!
Choose from the newly released 'Nova' or ‘The Rise of the Mad Pharaoh’ or ‘The Navigators and the Call from Beyond’—and book now.

Players: 4-200+ people Price: $29 per person

Online escape room

NEW RELEASE! Hosted Online Game: Nova

Nova Logo

Your ship, carrying the precious Nova Seed, has been damaged by a huge asteroid storm. You must repair the ship and deliver the Nova Seed to the human colony on Khepri 5.

Difficulty level: Medium (recommended for 12+ years).

Duration: Allow 1.5hrs for the full experience.

Number of players: 4-100+ people.

Price: $29 per person


Hosted Online Game: Rise of the Mad Pharaoh

Do you have what it takes to stop the Mad Mummy’s evil plan?

Starring the voice of Peter Parker and Spider-man, Yuri Lowenthal!

Difficulty level: Medium-Hard (recommended for 13+ years).

Duration: Allow 2hrs for the full experience.

Number of players: 4-100+ people.

Price: $29 per person


HOSTED Online GAME: The Navigators and the Call from Beyond

Copy of resva nav

You and your friends have won a tour of the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California!

As you begin the tour you very quickly realize that something is wrong, can you and your friends answer the CALL FROM BEYOND?

Difficulty level: Medium (recommended for 12+ years).

Duration: Allow 2 hours for the full experience.

Number of players: 4-100+ people.

Price: $29 per person


Live video escape rooms

Our No. 1 rated real life escape rooms are now available to play online, via Zoom!

We’ve created an exciting virtual escape room experience, where you control our Game Master remotely—directing them to solve the clues and puzzles from your own home.

Connect and play with family and friends from another bubble anywhere around the world.

Rooms: The Bach or Galactic Cantina

Duration: 60mins

No. Locations: 1-6 people

Price: Up to 4 people = $125, 5 people = $155, 6 people = $185.

Here's what the team at The Hits 97.4 had to say:

"The surprisingly adrenaline-inducing experience requires a lot of teamwork and focus, but since you're actually at home, you can even grab a cheeky wine while you play!" 

The escape rooms are also very popular with family and friends:

"We had a lot of fun and it was a great way for our group (5 siblings in 4 cities across 2 countries) to connect and do something together." Cassandra C

"Definitely recommend it and have." Elizabeth L

HP 13 Puzzle Bach


We've brought a distinctly kiwi flavour to our escape games! You’ll use your powers of observation, pit your brilliant mind against cunning puzzles, and pick up clues hidden within clues. All under the pressure of the clock.

Escapade NZ's great escape games have been created as the perfect challenge for groups of people from all walks of life. You’ll need people with a combination of sharp eyes, street smarts, and problem solving ability to get through the tough Escapade missions. Everyone has something to offer in our tricky, exciting escape games.

Visit Escapade and play our best rated escape rooms safely under our new COVID-19 safe operating procedures.

Play our range of online escape games. Great in-home entertainment for friends, family and colleagues. Options for multi-location play.

From developing new bespoke games to using our current portfolio of games and puzzles, if you're after a unique and exciting experience, get in touch with the team at Escapade.