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We've been busy working on new games and exciting new ways to play our games. Choose from our six escape rooms and one outdoor escape game at Escapade, or play with your colleagues, friends and family remotely with our [email protected] app or our Live Video Escape Rooms.

Visit Escapade and play our best rated escape rooms safely under our new COVID-19 safe operating procedures.

Download and play this escape game app. Great in-home entertainment for friends, family and colleagues. Options for multi-location play.

Online escape room - you control our Game Master remotely via Zoom. Connect & play with friends, family & colleagues world-wide.


We've brought a distinctly kiwi flavour to our escape games! You’ll use your powers of observation, pit your brilliant mind against cunning puzzles, and pick up clues hidden within clues. All under the pressure of the clock.

Escapade NZ's great escape games have been created as the perfect challenge for groups of people from all walks of life. You’ll need people with a combination of sharp eyes, street smarts, and problem solving ability to get through the tough Escapade missions. Everyone has something to offer in our tricky, exciting escape games.


Escape game bach


You’re in the classic Kiwiana bach (beach house) - faded couches, old lamps, that vintage sailboat picture on the wall... but something’s up. You’ve got a cryptic message from Gran giving you the clue to an old mystery only the most observant, street smart investigators will solve. This tricky mystery will test you to the limits of your imagination and creativity - are you up for the challenge?

Recommended for 2-6 persons. Also available as a LIVE VIDEO ROOM by request

Escape room boat shed


Back in the day, New Zealand’s gold rush had hopeful prospectors scouring rivers, mountains, and caves for the elusive payload. In the Shed, you’ve stumbled across a gold mining shed way out in the bush, and you could be on your way to a secret fortune! Our curly clues and puzzles will keep you on the hop as you race against the clock to find the solution - and the gold...

Recommended for 2-5 persons. Also available as a LIVE VIDEO ROOM by request.

Escape room tavern


Locked in a mystical tavern from times long past, you’re on a quest to save the city. But, there’s evil hot on your trail: the darkness is coming, and only you can shine the light bright enough to fight it. Working through the ancient clues and puzzles you’ll find a way to protect the people, but it’s not going to be easy. The pressure’s on: can you save the city and escape before the darkness returns?

Recommended for 2-6 persons.

Boat house escape game


Enter the Boathouse, where you and your intrepid team are set to go over your race plans before the big race. Problem is, things aren’t quite as they should be … it looks like a rogue competitor has been tampering with the plans and equipment, and you might even be in danger! Now you’re in a race to save yourself and your boat designs before you can hit the water! Better hurry, there isn’t much time!

Recommended for 2-6 persons.

Old School escape game


You try the door, but it's locked from the outside! Looking around, you see some outdated sports gear, an old-fashioned Walkman, and a dusty science experiment gone wrong. You'll need to use everything at your disposal to solve the puzzles, escape the room, and find out what's in store for you next. Hurry, before you miss the bus and get held back!

Recommended for 2-6 persons.

Challenge: Book Old School 1 and 2 at the same time to go head-to-head against your mates in an all-out race to the finish!

Outdoor escape room clues

WHAT LIES BENEATH? - Exciting outdoor game for family and friends.

You’ve caught wind of mystery - something hidden deep beneath the city! But what is it? You need to follow the clues, work the angles, and race the clock to uncover the truth! You and your team will be out enjoying our city's parks and hunting down alleys looking for the answers - but hurry … if you don’t bust the case wide open now, we might never know what lies beneath!

Recommended for 2-6 persons. This is a great family activity, recommended for children 7 or over (playing with adults).

What to expect: Upon booking you’ll be given instructions to download a free app to your phone. On game day, the game begins at Escapade where you’ll be given a game briefing and your game backpack. Using the app and the contents of your backpack you will explore the nearby streets and parks as you solve the mystery. Note. The game requires very little phone data. It’s not a strenuous walk, but it's encouraged that you wear comfortable shoes and clothing.

Escape Room Prices

1-2 People

$39 per person
$35 per person

3-4 People

$35 per person
$26 per person

5-6 People

$30 per person
$26 per person

Please note: Students must provide valid ID.
Children (15 years or younger) must be accompanied inside the game room by at least one adult.


In need of a bespoke escape game experience? We'll create an escape room to support your product launch, boost movie or TV show publicity, or raise awareness of specific issues or opportunities. Here are a few of our most recent collaborations:

  • We designed a live escape game for Sky TV on Sir Peter Blake's old yacht, The Lion, for the launch of the MacGyver reboot.
  • We helped ASB Bank educate students about 'escaping debt' with an escape room that helped participants make good financial choices and manage debt.
  • We helped Paramount Pictures launch 10 Cloverfield Lane— using our existing games and working with the ZM Breakfast team.

From developing new bespoke games to using our current portfolio of games and puzzles, if you're after a unique and exciting experience, get in touch with the team at Escapade.

Download and play our new escape game at home—the perfect break from those staying home blues! Now just NZ$29.

Using an app, a survival guide and common household items, you will race to solve a tricky set of clues and puzzles on your way to discovering the mystery! It’s a fun escape from the lockdown boredom, and the perfect way to put your wits to the test in the comfort of your own home.

Play just with your own 'bubble' or choose our multi-location options to play with (or against) friends from other 'bubbles.'

Great for friends, family and flatmates!

"Awesome family time. Worth the $ and took us longer than going to an actual room so value for money too! Bring on more!"

"I played this with my 8 and 10yr old kids, who really enjoyed it. The puzzles are all very different and tested all our abilities thoroughly. It was great fun." Abbie

Forest Adventure

You’re hot on the track of hidden treasure—with a secret map guiding your path. But your forest camp is hit by a huge storm! The map is blown across the raging river, and you need to find a way to get across to retrieve it—you can’t find the treasure without it!

You and your team need to use your wits, street smarts and problem solving skills to survive!

Are you up for an awesome home-based adventure?

Difficulty level: Easy-Medium (recommended for 10 years and up with at least one adult).
Duration: 60-90mins

Number of players: 1-4 people per location/device.

Options: Download to one device to play in your own bubble or choose a multi-location option to play across 2 or 3 locations/devices.

Price: 1 Location/Device $29, 2 Locations/Devices $39, 3 Locations/Devices $49

Camping under stars with bonfire and tent in Banff National Park

What you need

  • A smart phone, tablet or iPad and the ability to download an app (it requires very little data).
  • A printer to print three print-friendly pages – black and white (we can post this to you if you don’t have a printer).
  • Some basic household items (pen, scissors, an empty toilet roll!)

"Great fun for something different to do in lockdown. Would highly recommend it for a fun couples’ challenge!" Ness H

"We love escape rooms, so having the chance to do one from home right now when we can’t go out was wonderful! It felt as challenging and interesting as any great escape room should be!" Reo

1. Escapade Escape at home

How It Works

Select if you want to just with your own 'bubble' or purchase our multi-location options to play with (or against) friends from other 'bubbles.'

Once you purchase the game, you will be emailed the link to download the app and the ‘Survival guide’ (three printer friendly pages to download and print). If you do not have access to a printer we can post the ‘Survival Guide’ pages to you (just select the option when ordering). You cannot play the game without a physical copy of the ‘Survival Guide.’ You will also receive a unique ticket number that allows you to play the game once.

Brazilian mother laughing with two girls at home, with cell phone, on social media, smiling

Live video escape rooms

Our No. 1 rated escape rooms are now available to play online, via Zoom!

We’ve created an exciting new virtual escape room experience, where you control our Game Master remotely—directing them to solve the clues and puzzles from your own home.

Connect and play with family and friends from another bubble anywhere around the world.

Rooms: The Bach, The Shed

Duration: 60mins

No. Locations: 1-6 locations/devices

Price: 1-2 locations $80, 3 locations $95, 4 locations $110, 5 locations $125, 6 locations $140

Here's what the team at The Hits 97.4 had to say:

"The surprisingly adrenaline-inducing experience requires a lot of teamwork and focus, but since you're actually at home, you can even grab a cheeky wine while you play!" 

The escape rooms are also very popular with family and friends:

"We had a lot of fun and it was a great way for our group (5 siblings in 4 cities across 2 countries) to connect and do something together." Cassandra C

"Definitely recommend it and have." Elizabeth L

Get in touch now to book your game: [email protected] or 09 303 3570.

HP 13 Puzzle Bach