escapadenz wins highly commended awardAward-winning Learning & Development packages tailored to your challenges and opportunities—AND we’ve got a licensed bar and team development space for 50 people as well!

Escapade unlocks the potential of your teams, building stronger, more productive team relationships. Your people learn about themselves and their colleagues in a dynamic, engaging environment that boosts team unity and engagement, as well as fostering appreciation of different approaches and styles.

We’ve hosted great teams from businesses including:

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Why Escapade Learning & Development?

  • Award winning ‘gamified’ learning—a fresh, engaging, ‘live’ development experience that quickly builds self-awareness and respect for others.
  • A fully immersive learning experience appropriate for all levels and functions, cutting through hierarchy; every individual gets a sense of their worth and unique skills.
  • Flexibility—tailored packages that work with your existing L&D.
  • Credible and experienced business coaches—facilitation you can trust.

The HR people and business leaders we work with love the way Escapade engages their employees, quickly immersing them in an environment where their natural styles – and the way they interact with their peers – are very evident. After the game, the facilitated sessions help people analyse their own strengths and development points, and those of their team, building lasting respect for the skills and styles of others.

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Our expert facilitators will help your people get the most out of your Escapade programme, working with them to embed the learning and create a lasting legacy back in the workplace.

Call us today on 09 303 3570 or email contact@escapadenz.co.nz for a complete list of packages and prices: we’d love to hear from you.

Learning & Development Packages

We host groups from as small as 2 and as many as 50 people – we can tailor our programmes to fit your organisation’s needs. If you like, we can provide excellent catering and take care of everything for you, or you can just buy refreshments from our lounge onsite. We’ll be flexible to your requirements and make sure that your Escapade training and development programme fits your HR strategy and business goals.


Four high-impact L&D modules for improving team and individual performance:

Our L&D packages are designed as complementary, integrated modules, allowing you to target your key business drivers and priorities in sequence, OR as a single intervention. Expertly designed around the broad areas of Team Development, Communication and Engagement, Leadership Skills, and Problem Solving, our ‘Gamified Learning’ packages help your people rapidly and sustainably improve their performance as teams and individuals.


If you’re after a fun, energising team building activity, but you’re short on time, our Elementary and Time Out packages are great options:

Escapade Learning & Development - Elementary
The Elementary package uses the popular DISC methodology to delve into personal styles and preferences. Run by our trained Game Masters, these sessions use the escape games to explore behavioural styles, raise self-awareness, and enjoy some team building in a fun, fresh environment. Elementary packages are simple yet powerful—they very quickly help people understand their personal style and characteristics. Escapade’s clients love these packages when they are looking for a direct, quick way to improve things like communication, teamwork and self-awareness.


Escapade Learning & Development - Timeout
Escapade’s TIME OUT packages are a fun way to build teamwork and unity and take some time out. These sessions don’t have a facilitator, but you’ll be hosted by Escapade’s Game Masters—who know how to make sure you and your team will have a great time! Our clients love the TIMEOUT package when they’re looking for a fresh way to celebrate successes, build team cohesion, or just get some much-needed time away from the coal face. Awesome teambuilding fun, often followed up with some drinks and food in our lounge bar…

Call us today on 09 303 3570 or email contact@escapadenz.co.nz to find out more.