Christmas parties

Get your team in the Christmas spirit with Escapade’s #1 rated escape games! We’ve got a range of games you can play within the Covid rules.

Wanting some in person connection? From 3 Dec our escape rooms and licensed lounge bar in Auckland will open under the new Traffic Light Framework! If an outdoor event takes your fancy, our outdoor games (and maybe a picnic!) is another great way to ensure your people have a fun. And our exciting online games are an easy, inspiring way to get your team together remotely for some fun and laughs after a tough time!

Our dedicated Corporate Events Managers are ready to plan your event - so relax and leave everything to us!

"Our team loved Escapade's online game! With remote teams it's so cool to find a genuinely fun and engaging way to bring people together for a whole lot of laughs and bonding. Highly recommend!“ Toby Littin, CEO, Parkable. Sept 2021.


2-50 PEOPLE 

FROM 3 DEC (Under the new Traffic Light Framework). Play our No. 1 rated escape rooms! Choose from The Bach, Galactic Cantina, The Boat House, The Tavern or our two identical 'Old School' escape rooms.  With a licensed lounge bar and delicious catering options we've got your party sorted!

2-20 PEOPLE 

Get your teams together and venture outside to uncover the mystery of ‘What Lies Beneath’! You’ll be hunting down streets and enjoying one of our city's best parks looking for clues as you race the clock to uncover the truth!

4-200+ PEOPLE 

Our multi-player, fully interactive online games are designed to reward teamwork and communication—with a focus on fun! As well as seeing and hearing, each player can see their teammates’ cursor in their game.



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Get your team in the Christmas spirit at Escapade! Lots of fun and laughs as your people work together to solve our awesome game rooms—and then relax together in our licenced lounge bar. We can host up to 50 people and our dedicated Corporate and Events Manager means you can relax knowing everything will run smoothly from start to finish.

Covid-19 Concerns - You can rest easy booking with Escapade. We're following the Covid19 Traffic System Framework. You can read about our safety procedures here. In the event you have to cancel your booking due to Covid-19 we'll reschedule your booking or refund your deposit.

"This place is great, one of the best Christmas parties we've ever had! Highly recommend for team building!" Kathryn P (TripAdvisor)

“We went to Escapade for our work Christmas event, and divided into two groups of 4. We work in the scientific industry, so this was a great way to apply the minds to something different. And did it what!! You need to work as a team, and not overthink things too much. Sometimes the answer to each stage is staring you in the face. Well organised by friendly knowledgeable staff, and the location is really good. Nice lounge to finish off in, with pizzas and a small bar to buy drinks from. A great evening.” Wendy & Albie N (TripAdvisor)

How it works

  • You and your team will be greeted by our friendly Escapade Game Masters.
  • We’ll explain the game rules and you’ll split into teams of up to six people with your clever team name!
  • We’ll help teams work through the rooms and make sure they have plenty of fun along the way.
  • Everyone escapes full of laughs and energy—and we’ll take some funny photos with our game props.
  • Then, it’s time to relax in the comfort of our lounge with some food and drinks to finish!

We're booking up fast, so book today!

All packages include:

  • Escape game experience in Auckland’s best rated game rooms
  • Themed photo shoot after the game—share your fun on social!
  • Option to include catering —we’ll order it for you through our suppliers (Scarecrow Catering or Presto Pizza) or you’re welcome to BYO Christmas food/catering.
  • Bar tab or ‘pay as you go’ licensed bar.
  • Dedicated Corporate and Events Manager to manage your event.

Christmas Time Out

$39 + GST per person
  • From 2 hours
  • You play a game and then relax in a private reserved area of our licensed lounge bar. Catering options available.

Christmas Double Trouble

$52 + GST per person
  • 3 hours
  • Two games per person played back-to-back with time for a breather to relax with a drink in our licensed lounge bar. Catering options available.


WHAT LIES BENEATH? You’ve caught wind of mystery - something hidden deep beneath the city! But what is it? Using and app and a special game pack ydou need to follow the clues, work the angles, and race the clock to uncover the truth! In this outdoor adventure game you and your team will be out enjoying our city's parks and hunting down alleys looking for the answers. But hurry … if you don’t bust the case wide open now, we might never know what lies beneath!

For Adventure Game Rotorua please visit here.

Time to play: Approximately 90 minutes

No. of people: 2-20 per booking. Your guests are split into teams of 2-6 persons per team. For best enjoyment we stagger the start times so teams start 10-15mins apart.

Pricing: 2people = $35pp, 3people = $30pp, 4people = $25pp, 5+people = $22pp

How it works:

  • We’ll send you instructions to download a free app to everyone’s phone before Game Day (or you can nominate two people per team to download it).
  • Your guests are split into teams of 2-6 persons per team (it's best for you to decide this before Game Day). For best enjoyment we stagger the start times so teams set off 10-15mins apart.
  • The game begins at Escapade (just outside), where your team will receive a game briefing and your game backpack from our experienced Game Masters.
  • Using the app and the contents of your backpack, you’ll explore the nearby streets and parks as you solve the mystery. There are hints built into the clever game app to ensure you can always progress, but if you get stuck we’re just a phone call away.
  • The game requires very little phone data and you don’t have to walk too far—but it's best you wear comfortable shoes and clothing so you can walk around easily!

Hosted online escape Games

Our multi-player fully interactive games are designed to reward teamwork and communication—with a focus on fun! Your people will work together in groups of up to 6 people, racing against the clock and the other teams. Using Zoom, our Game Masters will host your team and ensure everyone has an awesome experience.

"We had a fantastic time playing the new online escape rooms - the Escapade crew really took care of the whole session and ensured everything went smoothly. Puzzles were challenging and the digital medium made it a unique experience. Loads of fun, we’ve already started putting a couple of teams together for the next game." David, Watermark Creative, Sept 2021.

Players: 2-200+ people based anywhere in the world

Price: $29 per person

Duration: Allow 2hrs for the full experience.

How it works

  • Your guests join a Zoom call and are greeted by our expert friendly Game Masters (in character).
  • After an introduction and briefing, guests are sent to their Zoom breakout rooms with their team of six.
  • We supply each Zoom breakout room a unique game link to start their game.

Playing the games

  • Each team plays the same game, racing against the clock and the other teams.
  • As well as seeing and talking via Zoom, each player can see their teammates’ cursor in their game.
  • If teams get stuck and need a hint, they hit the question mark in Zoom—and our Game Master enters their game to assist them.
  • Each participant just needs a good Wi-Fi connection and a laptop or desktop computer of their own.

Selecting teams

  • You can pre-assign your group into teams of up to 6 people—or we can randomly allocate teams for you on the day. Just let us know.
  • For pre-assigned teams, the Mad Pharaoh game has fun character roles that can be provided before game day for players to focus on (optional).

Hosted Online Game Information

We have two game options for Hosted Online Games. Choose from ‘Rise of the Mad Pharaoh’ or ‘The Navigators and the Call from Beyond’


Rise of the Mad Pharaoh

Do you have what it takes to stop the Mad Mummy’s evil plan? Using the clues from crates of artifacts and the notes from the trapped archaeologist, you must solve puzzles, discover mysteries and help free Dr Carter from his certain grave.

Duration: Allow 2hrs for the full experience.

Players: 2-200+ players in teams of up to 6 per team.

Price: $29 per person.

The Navigators and the Call from Beyond

You and your friends have won a tour of the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California! As you begin the tour you very quickly realise that something is wrong, can you and your friends answer the CALL FROM BEYOND?

Duration: Allow 2hrs for the full experience.

Players: 2-200+ players in teams of up to 4 per team.

Price: $29 per person


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