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Time For a Lounge At Escapade!

It’s that time of year when it starts cooling off, and people turn their attention away from the beaches and onto the city’s winter fun. The perfect time for Escapade to launch our revamped city Lounge Bar! It’s not just a lick of paint and some new props—we’ve also got a crafty new partner ……

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How A Locked Room Will Benefit Your Family

Everyone with kids understands the term ‘stir crazy’. It’s that feeling that hits a couple of days into the school holidays! It’s hard to find that family activity that engages everyone, avoids the inevitable school holiday rain—and keeps a range of ages, moods and characters happy. Sound familiar? Funnily enough, the answer is to get…

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How locked rooms benefit your communication skills

Live escape games are a fun and challenging way to improve your communication skills. Locked in a room, the best teams invariably demonstrate good communication skills. They quickly learn to listen, to observe and to share information rapidly and clearly between team members. It’s part division of labour, part ‘greater than the sum of the…

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A Locked Room – Change The Way You Inspire Your Team

Why do we need to inspire our teams? Our grandparents might have turned up to work every day for 50 years and never offered a complaint. But, those days are past. These days, people need PURPOSE. They need meaning in their work, and they need inspiration to do a great job. When you’re looking to…

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Venturing Outside – A Twist On The Classic Escape Room

Outdoor escape room clues

If you’ve watched The Amazing Race, you’re going to love this! Escapade NZ has taken our escape games outdoors and just in time for the summer holidays. All around Auckland, Escapaders are laughing their way through New Zealand’s freshest outdoor escape games. Your Summer Outdoor Adventure Outdoor escape rooms have already taken off overseas. Now…

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