What is a live escape game?
What happens, what do I need to do?
What if I don’t escape in time?
Are there different levels of difficulty?
Am I really locked in the room?
How long does a game last?
What happens if we get stuck on a puzzle?
Are the rooms different?
Which game is easier?
Where do escape games come from?
Do we need to speak English?
What happens in an emergency?
When should we arrive?
What do we need to bring and what should we wear?
Can I store my belongings somewhere while I’m playing?
Is it scary?
Can I play if I’m pregnant or have a disability?
I have claustrophobia - can I still play?
Do you do private bookings and functions?
Do you provide catering?
How many people can play?
Is there a minimum age requirement for playing the game?
Is Escapade good for families?


How do I book?
Can we just turn up and play without a booking?
What should I do if I made a booking but didn’t receive a confirmation mail?
What happens if we need to cancel or change the day and time of our booking?
What if I’m not sure how many people will be in my group or I need to add more people?


Is there public transport?
Is there parking at Escapade?
What if we’re running late?